About Axxin Diagonistics

Axxin Diagnostic Pvt. Ltd. is committed and pledged to give worldwide acknowledged quality
DIAGNOSTIC and LABORATORY SERVICES, in an expert way, by performing examinations which are fit for the planned utilization of the clients of the services. We are dedicated to follow the norms, determined by ISO 9001-2015, with tenacious regard for nonstop improvement of Quality of services given by us.

We are dedicated to comprehensive, high-quality, rapid-response laboratory testing at affordable prices. We use advanced technologies to provide information that is critical to the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases.

Our efforts are always channelized towards strengthening our services so they may meet your expectations at all times sincerely look forward to your support for the same and welcome any suggestions or feedback that would help us serve you better.


Our preventive health check programs for all segments and age groups has proven as the best source of invaluable insight into a person’s health and well being. Our pathology department has evolved to become a complete care unit with the introduction of many new machines,their additions have resulted in a drastic increase in quality and cut down the turnaround time of reports to quicken the diagnostic process in order to help both patients and doctors.


  • To place the patient’s interest before anything else.
  • To help the patient’s to the best of our abilities.
  • To comply with the standards specified by iso 9001-2015 and NABL guidelines with unrelenting attention to continual improvement of quality services provided by us.
  • To carry out professional and ethical practices.


  • To include a wide test spectrum.
  • Obtain satisfactory samples to provide accurate reports.
  • Carry out calibration, curative and preventive maintenance and proper upkeep of equipment and instruments.
  • Follow accurate, precise and documented analytical procedures.


  • Report results in comparison to quality controls with suitable reference ranges.
  • Participate in proficiency testing programs.
  • Review, communication, technical & quality management training etc. for total and responsible involvement of laboratory personnel.
  • Give results within reasonable time frame.
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