Corporate Care

  • In this modern time, stress is becoming a routine part of the life, it could affect one’s health severely. Work pressure can lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, insomnia, obesity, hypertension and even heart disease as well. It is observed that people who are under stress often move towards unhealthy habits like munching on junk food, drug abuse, alcohol, cigarettes etc.
  • Being your diagnomate, we understand the need and to bridge this gap, we offer services that are flexible and customized to suit the requirement of our client. These test packages are comprehensive and preventive, which helps to monitor and takes care of well being of an employee.
  • As it is rightly said “Health is wealth”, many organizations are taking special care for their employees, by introducing corporate wellness program. This is a win- win situation for both the employers and the employee. This helps the company to monitor the health of its work force and avoid absenteeism and under performance along with employee retention. On the other hand employees contribute to the company in a productive and efficient manner.
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