Laboratory Management For Hospitals

Laboratory services are critical to delivering high-quality patient care, but constantly changing reimbursement levels, rapidly evolving technology, and chronic shortages of skilled professionals can be daunting.

We offer a compelling solution

Laboratory Management Services that can be configured to meet your needs and the needs of your medical staff. Placing on-site laboratory operations under our management allows your team to focus on your core competency — delivering care — without sacrificing the autonomy and responsiveness of an onsite laboratory.

Our full laboratory management solution features –

  • Reference work integration: We consolidate your hospital’s existing reference work into Axxin Diagnostics testing network.
  • Materials / equipment pricing advantages: Benefit from our purchasing economies of scale for reagents, supplies and equipment.
  • Move existing non-urgent work performed at your hospital into the Axxin Diagnostics testing network to:

    1. Reduce unnecessary supply and labour costs

    2. Improve turnaround time

    3. Ensure seamless physician service without disruption

Employee Management:

Current hospital laboratory employees are transitioned to and managed by Axxin Diagnostics. We work with you to design a customized change management plan to ensure successful transition and inclusion, including a communication plan and employee onboarding.

Laboratory Network Optimization

  • We will work with you to design a new laboratory operating model and execute optimization plans, selecting the most appropriate solution based on your needs.
  • Effciency optimization and productivity improvements:
    With our best-of-breed HLM program, we drive process change and continuous improvements to improve profit margins.
  • Our laboratory management offerings are designed to deliver on quality and cost containment initiatives, while increasing staff satisfaction throughout the healthcare facility.
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